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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It has been a while since I've had my last full on Morgellons lesion this one is in my nose it is an open lesion I was on both sides I got a down one side now though it's a lesion on pulling very Mike is fiber is paying for fibers out there long strands why the coil well they're not here as if they were hairs on this and I like the body must've took them on her like a ingrown hairs and the ingrown hairs most of the deteriorated after while to make it so thin you things out there and Simusz they just they keep coming to God I can hear them I know this sounds funny but when I move my John with my head or do anything of the sort there is this crackling noises which I assume is the film at communicating with his other parts bolivar the ferry filament please call the bacteria right in right now I hear this could could could could check check check could could could could could could could could click click click click click click and I could could could could check check check check check check check check to talk to Jackie to Chuck chuck chuck chuck using a triple antibiotic that helps out immensely but I don't so doesn't get infected the deletion stays open very painful to like my whole knows my whole face in general seems to be kind of in a state of mollies how do you feel kind of worn down my arm is not correcting as well as I thought it would I'm wondering if it's the metal plates my body that are causing the precarious alignment that I thought I had agreed upon during this would disrupt and where and I didn't think that I got rid of Morgellons lime disease I taught that is an out of my system I have adjusted to and it had adjusted to me this is a smart saw her this is not typical saw the thing on this can you please not a nice feeling is this you can't have a glorious burns it disrupts ones flow of the day pretty bad but I am also dealing with heartbreak of relationship from going with my girlfriend Robin is slow but sure is there any things made my theory is that my theory is that these filaments have to come out with their core processes whatever bug but the brain behind the film and removed I don't know how far back it goes in as could be in the amygdala you know I feel in the back my bar of my throat is like I can hear it in my head itself it's very maddening Acacian nothing but nice to go away and I'm thinking about it and it's become aware of the quantum about it anyways sending this out

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