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Friday, December 30, 2016


The feedback influence upon ones psyche upon the fractal of multiverse is evident and astounding. The awareness of the varied often unique phenomena leads towards both composing and recieving meaningfulness, that being the true sustinence of the soul. The effecient hypercomplexity of archetypal glyphs is felt through all expression but crystallized and communicable by those willing to communicatecand relenquish their intent and interaction.They then act as strange attractors effortlessly influencing space/time and collective conciousness. Indeed we know this type as the sensate, the creators, the artist! Woe to them as they now walk an often uncharted path as they succumb to the strife of secure livlihood yet unto their selves and all dimemsions their responsibility knowing that their work has to exist and preferably demonstrated more so than simple vanity or attention seeking. They often fall prey to humility of intelligence, seeking cooperation rather than the competition that external influences limit the currents and eddys of style in order to profit from a predictable controlable consumer audience. Most these days still accept the corperation but are aware of the burgeoning metamorphosis of subculture and the celebration that any one of us through work, perseverence, study, experimentation, or ability to realize visions of imaginations and organize with like minded others to celebrate life through signifying meaning. Art makes life worth living. William L. Schafer, aka dj jazzresin, aka billy sunshine. 12/29/2016 Marshall, Missouri, United States, Gaia.

wls 777 since 1971.

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