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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

question upon whether to go to dermatologist

no. no. no. no. no. no man no! With any doctor do not even MENTION the word Morgellons.  I, personally have been ostracized for voicing concerns over "lyme disease". It IS a crime the maltreatment we recieve. every once in a while you'll hear an anecdote upon an MD with a willing mind and heart to help. perhaps times are changing. the CDC admitted 300,000 rather than 30,000 suffer from chronic lyme symptoms. but the CDC will never be able to undue the crime that occured in their suspect incunclusive research into 'unknown dermopathy.'    Anthony I feel your struggle from similitude, I pray that your immune system can find a way to adapt. it seems one has to find their own way with this disease.. it often veers off into the bleak paranoia of scifi strangeness. my research led  me to the simple truth of this statement, "the body's inability to adapt to modern environmental stressors".  a complete vague but true way to put it. but I tell u this.... I quit the research after finding out about MK-NAOMI and "stealth virus infected individuals"    leave the research to Steve Beddingfield, the CEHF, and Clifford Carnicom.  Do continue to use the support of facebook morg channels and the kind support, advice, and anecdotal wisdom of your fellow inflicted.  I would recommend keeping an open mind towards treatmemt protocol as we are all different and the disease seems to specialize to the individual. I believe it very well might be too complex for the doctors and scientists to fully fanthom the nature and severity of what we persevere.

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