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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The history of bioweapons shows that live organisms have often been used as stealthy deniable weapons to debilitate and kill an enemy. As a torture weapon, Morgellons is perfect. The unsightly bloody sores, the loss of hair and worms under the skin take away the sense that you are okay. The victim loses even the comfort of a hug from a husband or children in order to keep them from getting the disease. They stop going outside their homes, they lose their jobs and their property.

This subject got political very quickly. But who is the enemy if innocent civilians are the ones being attacked and are suffering? I don't see the president suffering, or the senate or congress. Why would governments want to hurt their own citizens? As an aggressor they would want their enemy to be powerless to fight back. Its easier to subdue the enemy if they don't even know they are the enemy. War was declared on the American people on 9-11 with the fake "war on terror."

Morgellons points its itchy fingers to the culprits but nobody is listening. Society has not been disrupted enough for mainstream deities to be concerned which is a factor when designing a bioweapon. As a Bioweapon, the longer a disease goes without treatment, the more potent it will be as a weapon. The byword is delay. Delay diagnosis, delay research, delay treatment. Mislabeling and denying that Morgellons exists suits the formidable aggressor who wants to see the full effect of their lethal and potent stealth weapon. Their victims are defenseless.

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