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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Morgellons - Discover Your Government - GovGuru.com


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  1. So what?hello Vern. Hello Quinn? You enjoy holding power over others. Same old sin as usual. You Cush in dumbs and I’m out here slipping on ice shattered wrists. I keep afloat of distant dreams of dreaming a Type of dream none can fanthom. I’d like to get compensated for your use of me in all things hinterland. I’ve been slothrup far too long. You deny me basic human needs. You all should quit before I sick my new old friends upon you. I’m sure they won’t mind repaying me for all the time in the trenches I’ve completed the story arc. It’s up to them to decide the fate of man. I did my best. I’ve completed both the task and the hum of my spirituality. I can sub Planck anytime to listen to the cosmic intelligence. I know you all need to get your shit packed and ready to go any second now get your shit together. It’s time,


Look im busy. I dont know if and when i will reply. Sorry if my post offended. Life is strange.