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Friday, June 29, 2012

William Green wrote:

The teacher student relationship functions on two levels, at least. One is, it's a relationship between two human beings. As in any relationship, there will be connections and there will be misses. There always are.

On another level, it's a symbolic relationship. That is, the teacher is regarded by the student as a symbol of the teachings; this is the object of the student's devotion and respect and reverence and all the things we've been discussing. Those are very, very important aspects of the relationship which create the conditions in the student to be able to receive and benefit from the teaching. Everybody with me?

And so this injunction, or this statement to "regard everything the teacher is doing as an expression of one's own obscurations" can be interpreted as a way of protecting the symbolic relationship from the inevitable human foibles that are going to show up.

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