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Monday, September 12, 2011

First of all I must say I'm a long time appreciative customer who loves your Coffee, enviroment, service, and of course the iTunes cards. It is amazing that I have never had a complaint in all of the thousand or so visits to your shop throughout the country!!!! Tonite I stopped by the mall specifically to enjoy a Venti coffee and the ladies at the stand were inhospitable. Although it was only 8:45 they said they were closed. I asked well do you have any coffee left over or maybe an Americano? They told me, "We close when the Mall closes." Terrible logic due to the fact the mall was not closed. I asked for a manager's name and number and they were unable to provide me with one, stating, "our manager got fired, we don't know who's in charge." Very unlikely, if no one's in charge then what keeps them from swindling the corporation. The young lady got in a huff after that and threatened to call mall security as if it was wrong of me to ask questions of service. Starbucks, I felt bewildered and dismayed.....My first cup of your coffee was enjoyed on a train ride from Jefferson City, MO to Seattle,WA back in 1997. Your 99.98% perfect service towards me is stellar, but it doesn't feel as good as the impeccable 100% I use to know.

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