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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Curvature of the scalp. An Absyss occured. Pulling into its wound follicles like an anomily; a black hole did originate in my head as prophosized. The pain a dull sense of unrest unjust and dis dis ease. Waking hours sleeping hours did not adjust the restlessness and vertigo. Plucking and perplexed I set out upon this labrynth sea of lessons and learn I did indeed. Those that should of helped me only thickened the hurt. Doctors prescribrd steroids which only excaserabted the reneagade deeper into the hidden pit. Mirtazipan deadly a dermatologist insisted caused a depression in my mind like no other paracide included. The nag of the old mare suggested glue factory. And wisdom of the father sent me to counselor on to psychiatrist and failed psychotherapy due to cost. Eventially I strong armed a surrogate dr to scheduled blood tests. They returned saying I was in good health; but how can I feel like I'm dying all the day and night. Sax playing a curse set and I stopped playing a year before this all started. The curvature of my scalp like geotectonic plates in hyper speed. Phenomena crept into by back lower back and finally spine till I claw for hours at invisible fubar bogies. Trictolomania fuck trichtolomania, an impulse control dx similar to gambling addiction, kleptomania, and arson junkies. Needless to say, cuss words endless omitted along with the infinte prayers of mercy; and of course the all too real damnations of God's creation itself, I suffered too physiologically to deem this trichtolomania. A barber plucker hairy backed cucoldmonger I may seem but damned if I'm going to do Nothing about this. Extract this and that and then some in private and public. Let my hurt be seen what do I care to hide it. A time machine it has become. For it steals my time forward. I am aware of the great loss. Kleshas play the tricks and you adjust. Four months now there have been daily adjustments new paradigms daily. I am dizzy with theory and approach.

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