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Friday, July 8, 2011

Professional musician, Jazz Saxophonist, Street musician, DJ jazzresin, Jazz Composer, Avant Garde Moog synthesizer Rock performer, Sound Sculpture recording artist. Music Educator, Oasis Older Adult Wellness, Riverview Gardens East Middle, Mars Music. Music Therapist Board Certified. Married to one brilliant Chinese/Indonesian computer genius, Anastasia; we live in an 1880 row house in LaSalle park downtown STL with our two 'babies' wardell n' mick, tzih zu dogs. No children out of world overpopulation concerns and Zen notion of preventing future suffering. 'Bill' has had plenty of wilderness years lost in wanderlust living in Seattle, Wa & Brooklyn NY: hating those places he crashlanded back in STL. His Mizzou music perfomance degree wasn't doing much for him so he continued his higher education through UMSL Bachelor of music education, K-12 state certified. Finding no band/orchestra director positiona available and disliking general music education he pursued his interest in psycho-acoustics, biomusicology, and transpersonal musical phenomena led him to Maryville Universities Music Therapy program. As of 07/07/2011 he continues to practice music therapy at a local psychiatric adult inpatient hospital. Bill passed his 5yr annual recerification just recently. Bill's favorite writers are William S. Burroughs (he had the pleasure to visit the author in 1996 at his Lawrence, KS home) Thomas Pynchon, J.G. Ballard, and Phillip K. Dick. Hobbies include abstract painting, hacking, urban archaeology, collecting antiques-records-books-curiosities, gem hunting and cutting, surveillance art. Currently his favorite musc is by the prophet Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto, Ingram Marshall, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Charlie Parker, Howlin Wolf, Department of Eagles, Grizzly Bear, AU, Sufjan Stevens, CAN, Basement Jaxx, Boards of Canada, Nina Simone, Iannis Xenakis, Moondog, etc.ad infinitum. Bill is looking forward to a future of time travel , artificial intelligence, designer gentic modulations, communal thought quantum symphonic improvisation holography, and sustainable world peace through drastic reduction of human population and the extinction of nationalities and token economy slavery.

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