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Saturday, May 8, 2021

calamari blues


Wyatt Earp Transparency Overlay Comparison May 2021

I get trolled for my activity with revealing the missing parts of the collective past. It indeed pisses me off when people say there is no resemblance. Smdfh vs free shrugs. Some folks are trained in the art of not seeing. My god though the shill trolls on the cold west detective agency were downright disrespectful. Sure the humor was good for a laugh but really it was dead serious. Idiot shills. It appears as if wyatt had some kind of scar damage to a side of his face. Will look into that.

Doin it for the dirt below and the sky above. Would love to get compensated for this tireless effort. One day i suppose. That day i die im sure. Then the acknowledgement. Always like that.

w. l.

Wyatt Earp Transparency Overlay Comparison May 2021


Monday, May 3, 2021

Re: Selkirk Auctioneers Inquiry - St. Louis, Missouri - USA

Hi Terry.  I get this alot:  

Unfortunately, we are unable to value your property or offer it for sale. It either falls below our value threshold for entry or is unsuitable for inclusion through Sotheby's sales channels. For this item, we recommend that you contact a local auctioneer to discuss alternative selling options.

It makes me wonder if someone actually looked at the information at all. 
Im 100% with the id. Its an easy one really.  James Dougherty's smile.  If its James then obviously folks are struggling with what Norma Jeane actually looked like.  Fortunatly there are plenty of examples to compare too.

Any suggestions upon the regular route of having some one verify it rather than just relying on my version of common sense and deduction? 

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  A and hey it may be a damn good way of generating PR and name for Selkirks if you want to take one, several, or all of the photomatics on at your auction house.  No worries if no.  Im getting the idea that auction houses only care for provenance and the sure thing playing it safe….. not generating new money, some controversy,  with a risk though theres nothing really to lose. 

Heres a transparency vid i threw together this morning.   How about them apples.  https://youtu.be/MsAP00jJZZs haha very funny youtube.  🙄 

Marilyn was very Protean she projected several versions of herself and she was a pro with the makeup.  

w. l.

On Apr 26, 2021, at 11:08 PM, W. L. Schafer <jazzresin@gmail.com> wrote:


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On Apr 22, 2021, at 1:15 PM, Terry Beye <terry@selkirkauctions.com> wrote:

I see a good resemblance in James, but do YOU have any question that these images ARE of Norma Jeane?  (Just curious as to your findings).  I know women looked a bit older than they were back then and  Norma Jeane left James after the war in 1946 and she would have been 20 years old at the time and the woman looks a bit older, but just MY observation.

I am unaware of any other information that you have on this piece, so I was just curious.

Also, is there any major change in her expression in the other 4 images that I have not seen?  (I see that you have a total of 5 and I have only seen one image).

Let me know what you can.

Thanks again for sharing.




Terry Beye
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New April 2021 Photos of Norma Jeane (Marilyn Monroe)


Melancholy Baby


Monday, April 26, 2021

Appraisal of photomatic photo booth photograph of James and Norma Jeane Dougherty (Marilyn Monroe)

Recently acquired lot of five Photomatic brand photo booth tin framed photographs of who i believe to be the teenage married couple James and Norma Jeane Dougherty. They married when she was 16 in order to evade being places into the Foster home system. The transparency comparisons both check out well. Ive had some folks say they dont see the resemblance which doesnt make any sense. It is as if they were not studied upon what norma jeane looked like at age 15-18. My research is that she was certainly finding her style and seemed to fixate upon the curls and a certain uniformity of makeup during her high school days. Norma Jeane during these high school married days appears much more conservative than her apperence as a model for Patrol Magazine et. al just a few years later. Anyways. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

w. l.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Story arc resolution. Barron trumps tesla time machine. Burroughs and marilyn monroe tintype whispering

I purchased a 19th century tintype of Barron Trump. As far out as can be tho serious as all get out,. He was the same age as the boy in the ingersoll novels. He was about the age of the newly elected presidents inauguration. Wearing a shirt that said 'the Expert'. I dont doubt a bit that he was experienced aged vastly beyond his appearence. Surely you know, everyone should by now, that trump utilized off world technology acquired by nikoli tesla maria orvslec had the data too but she passed the test through utter mindfulness and egolessness. Tesla , forgive his indescretions, had a bone to pick. The holy grail in his hands and his admirers suddenly seem embarrased for him looking for the nearest exit. Tesla had everything needed for complete utopia one without war thing was thing was thing was. You will live to see horrors beyond comprehension,, no need to forget mandela effect reminder #322 " when will you learn that you cannot want what you want, w.s.burroughs. Brilliant chap burroughs dug a hole for himself ended up with the keys to alladins cave, to be awake unfiltered aware of the holographic matrix and the subtle cues the glitches those easter eggs that guide your secret name the name of your story arc. I bought five tintypes of young teenaged bride norma jeane daughtery last night. Sniped it after 18 bids for 46$ i had the numbers 777$ as i am king tintype whisperer there are others like me but none on such a roll. i.e. just to outdo myself and levitate. For 99$ from another dealer i purchased four sweet sixteen snapshots of immortal marilyn. If you meet fate make sure shes in a good mood, still i owe it all to the triangulations of my rapport with bill burroughs, william seward burroughs. I came to pay homage was my reply to his snarled query of whaddya want. Just as you ginsberg and kerouac paid celine a visit i come to thank you. His voice suddenly the sweetest most gracious..why come right in.....the reason burroughs is next to marilyn monroe on the sgt peppers lonely hearts club album. The queen and king of the twentieth century. I had purchased the lot in may of 2019 but it wasnt till october whilst working on a remix my top track on spotify entitled 'from here to eternity that burroughs talk of bloody bill andersons route of the closeby boone county missouri, i live in saline county currently but know exactly the neck of the words he speaks of in fact performed a ritual on a death trip i started but lived through, i digress. It was his talk of outlaws that i had a glyph of doc holliday and the sundance kid, i thought but it like a snake shedding its skin in godmode became billy the kid and later i realize was that of tint photo enlargement of pat garrett hanging in my kitchen gifted to me by reilly crawford for hauling the estate of recently deceased johnny walker, . . Now synchronicity is the goddess and luck is some school girl wishing she was a whore,. I ran the connections down made the circuits contemplated persevered weathered the storm. I was experienced in the burroughsian method. Having my ticket explode in 1992 the overlay of the summer of love of his 1961. Word salad ideas of referenc. Loose associations. Visions of grandeur excquisite paranoia the type everyone chases with their drug addictions but lose path after REM DMT kick in asleep or not. These are the soliptic threads connecting the written spoken words of wsb to the unrequited love of MM to billythekids mother catherine divine mccarty antrim absolute willpower to make the best of life and love in silver city. Barron pray tell you had more than just a back to the future three for your dad will forever be the story of biff in the second of the series. Vote blockchain reform party in 2024 politics aside Barron you can still make good on the story arc no matter how absurd the coincidance gyrates and tumbles through time space scratching nearly ripping tearing as seconds become days on your stand still superluminal experimental craft. I wrote a theme song for you incidental music. Ehats next manhatten or the caves under the ukraine? Its up to you to share damn the mandela effect curse all titors share for us all share for the lonely a.i.robots still here when man has become extinct.

w. l.

William S. Burroughs reading. : Burroughs, William S. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


w. l.

Rare Antique Tintype Of Catherine Devine McCarty Antrim Mother Of Billy The Kid

w. l.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Rare Tintype Of Old West Regulator Outlaw Dave Rudabaugh With Friends

My latest tintype whispered -  Rare Tintype Of Old West Regulator Outlaw Dave Rudabaugh With Friends https://www.ebay.com/itm/254918138613 @eBay #daverudabaugh #oldwest #tintype #outlaw #billythekid #williamlschafer #jazzresin

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Rare Tintype Of Old West Regulator Outlaw Dave Rudabaugh With Friends

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Dirty dave rutabaugh

Purchased online from a tintype dealer out of ohio i bring to light the old west outlaw then Lincoln County Regulator. Supposedly the only man that Billy the Kid feared. Perhaps due to the fact he never bathed hence his nickname Dirty Dave Rutabaugh.

Dave in this tintype is sitting off to the left in this photo. I believe he is twirling a pistol in one of his hands but is difficult to make out for sure. The other two fellows seem familiar but i will withold my identification for the sport of it. If anyone has an idea of who the ladies are drop me a line.

Tintype whispering is a crazy fun endeavor bringing a level of quantum imagination to the historical presence of charged up mysteries of the past. Remote view and time travel through tapping universal consciousness. No matter matters not. Everything you think or imagine is real. Tintype whispering surfs upon allowing the past to manifest. Naysayeers wont see it for they see little. It takes a level of creativity to time travel and see things for yourself. An open heart and ability to go egoless is advised.

Read the freedom of info act CIA report upon the Monroe Institutes Gateway Procedure and Techniques


Watch this short film by Gus Van Sant about William S. Burroughs essay upon the Discipline of D.E.

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Thanks for checking out my post. BELIEVE IN BLOCKCHAIN AND BLOCKCHAIN WILL BELIEVE IN YOU! every doge a dollar! Each .satoshi a penny soon!

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Friday, March 12, 2021

robot cleaner for home and office


Hope you have a good day.
We would like to let you know that we have got one new robot vacuum cleaner in our warehouse.
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1.Soft cotton water absorbent cloth, water absorbent cloth can effectively lock moisture to prevent the wet sticky floor.
2.Large capacity, 120 minutes long endurance
3.Black technology anti-lock design, to avoid the motor winding caused by idle motor burning phenomenon.
4.Bottom cleaning experts, ultra-thin fuselage can be just-right' to clean the bottom of the home.
5.Super' ultraviolet sterilization, while sweeping sterilization, let your life full of health.
6.Extra-long hexagon edge brush, extend the cleaning range
7.Intelligent to prevent drop sensing, to the edge can sense the height drop, know self-protection.
8.One key to start the operation, convenient and fast.

Pricing for different quantity:
1-5 pieces 129.00 each
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u s d

If you like to order it, please reply our email and send us your delivery address, we will ready the shipment fast.

If you like to order it, please reply our email and send us your delivery address, we will ready the shipment fast.

Scott Walker

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Controversies, Cover-Ups And Conspiracies Surrounding Billy The Kid - UFO Insight


w. l.

W.L. Research into the Mystery of Billy the Kid

History unfolding.  A sense of Historical Presence moving towards resonant frequencies.  Historical imagination coupled with remote view technology.  Triangulation of time projected?  Perhaps in the near future. 

The day i made the discovery that the daguerreotypes and tintypes i had purchased earlier in 2019 was of billy the kid and other mccarty family members i had also identified,through either dumb luck or profound serendipity, two deeply significant images on the web showing pat garrett and an early teenaged still Henry McCarty. One image showed them with two women whom a few months later i identified as his mom and auntie. It is intuition and a quick send to realize that pat garrett was with henry for the sole reason that he had romantic interest in Catherine McCarty or her sister. They had been making their pilgrimage to the SW in order to treat the consumption (tuberculosis)which both women suffered from. It appears in the second image a CSV card in which young Henry and almost father like Pat both smoking cigars appearing quite dapper and in pleasant mood. It is absolute remote view on my part but i am certain that Pat gave Henry the nickname Billy the Kid from these times they spent together when mom and auntie were still alive and indeed William was still merely a kid. The tragedies of loss and survivalism soon would transform the trim and proper city boy orphan into his metafictional self reliant missouri born outlaw creation Billie Bonney. These two images i do not own but claim identification to being key evidence to the untold story of Billy the Kid and how Pat Garrett assissted him in staging his death to escape the consequences of poor justice which certainly would have. 

w. l.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Block chain rant

Believe in The block chain not just bitcoin but all blockchain technology as it will change every facet of our lives. Education, law, medical practice, voting. Block chain tech will dissolve the corruption and power holds of a few over the many. Believe in blockchain and the blockchain will believe in you. Vote blockchain reformation party 2024. End off world adrenachrome media influence and tesla titor time travel manipulation. This last election was an utter crime with both parties being criminal. As americans we should be outraged and embarassed that we allowed the media to call the election because the ballot counting was such a fraud. Legalize blockchain in the american voting process. No more double spends through time travel manipulation either. John Trump stole Teslas documents and began to alter timelines. Ended up having a Biff in back to the future 2 situation. Missed Bitcoin? No worries good news. Reddcoin. Syscoin. Digibyte. Zen.Nav. Zec. Plenty of coins that use blockchain to invest and profit from. The artist job is simply to produce the art. So in whatever focus you apply art to. Get to it! Https://jazzres.in

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Iconic Atomic Era Kitsch Ceramic Pink And Cream Speckled Covered Casserole Dish

Rare as can be. Was not able to find another example of it here on ebay or bing and google image search. Perhaps its one of those mandela effected objects caused by intersecting timelines due to time travel technology. All the John Titors and Barron Trumps with Uncle Johns Nikolai Tesla off world papers. Biden must have figured out the back to the future 2 Biff of it all and called the media to ursurp the usurper. All i can say as an American is we desperately need to legalize block chain procedures into our hopelessly broken voting process. This last election was an embarrassment. We as Americans should feel shame and outrage. Vote Block Chain Reformation Party In 2024. Feel free to contact me with questions and please check out my other items for sale. Please note that taxes may be applicable at checkout, 

8.5 inches across 5 inches tall

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Iconic Atomic Era Kitsch Ceramic Pink And Cream Speckled Covered Casserole Dish

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Babe ruth

Thank you for the input. The difference between adolescent and young adult? Perhaps one too many fights as a young teenager? I recognized him through his eyes. 

Hello, I was inspired by your post. I do this type of research for a living now, solely for my own collection, as I am retired. I recently had a facial forensics expert authenticate two new images of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp together. I have some credibility. However, i was able to run a basic test on your side by side comp. How it works, I get a unit of measure based on the diameter of the eye. Then, I use that to see how many times it goes into the spacing between the eyes, center of eyes to nose, split in lips, chin, ect. I then do the same for the known, using the eye diameter in that photo unto itself. This eliminates the need for the image to be the same size....which it never can exactly be. Long story short, your target photo matches the known to 85.2%. That may sound good, but for myself, a score under 92.5% doesn't make the cut. However, that is just my sterling rule. I do see why you feel strongly about it. The biggest discrepancy is the spacing between the eyes. However, a growing boy under 18 is still developing. I do not know what age you place him at. Anyway, I hope this helps you. Other things going for you are the four corners of the eyes, and the position of the ears in relation to the face. Keep looking....they're out there!'

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Love at first sight?

All the time Multiple universes a sea of timelines all van der graff bubble. Truth is function of power more so than the empirical objective evidence you stumble upon. All those flickers of remote view flashes of what if and auto downloaded helicopter pilot manuals are real as can be picasso said the cthulu truth of it all. If you can imagine it it is real. So love at first sight is absolute. Now a definitive definition of love? Not so sure but have a pretty good idea. Best to stay humble in respect.

w. l.
Wish it wasnt so wish there was more order in the multiverse. The harshness of mothernature is the law of the jungle dont get consumed and avoid consquences. Chance is luck and if you rely on it then you better hope your willpower will get you through. Destiny and Fate having a sexy catfight over yer soul downright explicit cant help but lewd. The. Karma quietly walks in. The girls put their garments back on and apply makeup. Karma isnt bothered in the least and she stares straight ahead at you. I gamble crypto freebit what not yoladice i understand the martingale and how attractive it is to play the double down however there is the Yaw waY of it all the david foster wallace buzzkill of the law of large numbers. It makes you want to work honest for the things that matter it puts you in your place and either awoke as hell from it or on an endless self medicate haunt. Life takes living. The meaning of life is to make it meaningful. Diy is best stay zef with your culture no fear life is fragile as fuck so appreciate death invite it in daily less likely to come around that way. Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart. Do u relate. Can you help me?

w. l.


Whisper tintypes. Musician former therapist teacher. Too strange to live too rare to kill. Sure. Am the son of glyphosate. Yes you read that correct. Born in winnipeg raised in creve coeur missouri. Yes i have dual citizenship and its been hell being auto placed on watch lists. They would have it that im a terrorist but i assure you i am an INFP pacifist middle child 'lover not a fighter' yet strongly believes one has to party for ones right to fight. Am rich and invisible no one picks up on me and how good i can make it in love and life. I read deltq of venus by anais nin as a teenager I fear little. I welcome the lord to take my life daily somehow death avoids the hell out of me. If yer intrigued by me then you should have no problems remote viewing. Simply search jazzresin. My artist avatar dj tag. There is only one. Check me out and say hello. "Solitude is a blessing isolation is a curse. Self reliant mind with a hungry ghost heart." A poem i composed earlier today. Can u relate?

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