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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some say its Memetic. Nonetheless real as all fuck get OUT! I'm soon hospitalized, already seperated from my ignorant wife. Looking forward to sweet sweet relief of death which I pray for every day. My family believes its mental. The fuck of it all that yes it does drive you mad. Almost 5years of inexplicable pain,suffering,discomfort, fear. Some man made parsitic symbiotic fuck up that's loose in the enviroment. Everyone has it. If you have symptoms(lesions that don't heal; fibers surfacing out of lesions, sensations of Non-newtonian(look that up on youtube...far fuKin out) movement under your flesh, then it is too late as you have crossed the threshold and now arE victem to an uncurable disease which The CDC can't handle and is now under research in the Army disease research division.

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